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Solar Power Has Saved Europeans €29bn In A Record 2022

The EU set a new record between May to August 2022, generating 12% of its electricity from solar between the given time period. This is an increase from the previous summer's figure of 9%. Using an increased amount of solar power helped to provide the continent with much-needed power, and helped Europe to avoid €29bn in gas imports. In simpler terms - it has saved Europeans a lot of money.

Image of solar and wind power.

However, Europe isn't just relying on solar to meet its energy needs. The continent has also been using wind (12%) and hydro (11%) generated power, both of which help to supply green energy to the country. Using green energy is particularly important during this period in time, as Europe is looking to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels is currently contributing to a surge in the cost of energy bills, so green energy production is arguably vital during this moment in time.

However, encouraging news awaits. Eighteen out of twenty-seven countries in the EU managed to break their solar generation records, with the largest increase being seen in Poland. The country increase their solar generation by 26 times. Countries with the highest shares included the Netherlands (23%), Germany (19%) and Spain at (17%).

"Every megawatt of energy generated by solar and renewables is fewer fossil fuels we need from Russia. Solar offers direct energy price relief to European households and industries." said Dries Acke, the Policy Director of SolarPower Europe.

Greece also set a renewable energy record this year, running 100% off renewable energy for a total of five hours during the month of October. In America, Hawaii received its last ever shipment of coal in July 2022, symbolizing the end of an era.

This is encouraging news, and hopefully the EU can continue to push towards their 2030 climate goals with the same momentum.

Article Credit -
Ember Climate