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Hawaii Receives Last Ever Shipment Of Coal Before Shutting Last Plant

Hawaii is set to close its last coal-fired power plant in September, fueling the state's green energy transition. In July, the plant received its last ever shipment of coal, marking the end of an era. 

Image of coal-fired power plant.

While the plant provided electricity for a large portion of the population, the state plans to replace it with other sources of renewable energy. This move will boost efforts to make Hawaii run off 100% renewable energy by 2045, a goal which was set in 2015. 

Encouragingly, Hawaii exceeded its renewable energy goals in 2020, with 34.5% of energy coming from renewable sources, blasting past their original target of 30%. Much of their renewable energy comes from solar installations and wind energy, with a record 6,000 rooftop installations for solar in 2020. 

Other countries have also made strides in regard to their green energy transition. Europe has introduced a law that will make it mandatory for solar panels to be installed on all new commercial and residential buildings, while California beat their renewable energy record.

Article Credit -
Governor of Hawaii