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Greece Has Set A New Renewable Energy Record

Greece hit a major clean energy milestone in October 2022, running 100% entirely off renewable energy for a grand total of five hours. Some sources of renewable energy that were used include solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

Image of solar panels on the Greek island of Tilos.

The Independent Power Transmission Operator made a statement in response to the new record: "For the first time in the history of the Greek electricity system, the demand was covered 100% from renewable energy sources."

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The record was set at 3,106MWh, setting the bar even higher. This achievement signals a dash of hope for Greece as the country pushes for their 2030 goal of renewable energy meeting 70% of demand. Part of this process will include investment into the energy sector, which will help Greece to level up installation of green energy technologies.

Part of this will include a €2.27 billion from the European Commission, which will help to support 4.2GW of renewable energy capacity being installed. As well as solar PV, wind and hydroelectric power, the country also plans to use solar-plus-storage.

While the country has set a new milestone, the EU as a whole managed to 'overachieve' their renewable energy goals in the year of 2020, propelling the country further towards their long-term targets. Other countries around the world have also been setting renewable energy records, including China and California. This is an encouraging sign, as it signals the growth of renewable energy worldwide. Hopefully, the green energy sector will continue to break records.

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