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California Renewable Energy Grid Sets New Record at 97%

The state of California in the US set a new record earlier this month on April 3rd, with the state's renewable energy grid smashing previous records. The new record was set when the grid ran at 97% renewable energy, the highest percentage ever recorded, surpassing the previous record of 96.4%, which was set just a week earlier.

The state of California uses renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and biomass energy. Many of the states solar farms are based in southern-eastern deserts.

Other countries, such as China, have also recently set renewable energy records for the most wind power capacity installed in a single year. Increasing renewable energy usage is particularly beneficial as it means countries will have less reliance on methods which are more harmful for the environment with a higher level of greenhouse gas emissions, such as coal-powered energy plants.

In China, solar and wind power are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. They also have around one-third of the world’s solar-generation capacity, having built more systems in 2019 than any other country.

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