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Solar Panels to Become Mandatory On All New Buildings in Europe

As part of the European Commissions new plan, solar panels are set to become mandatory on all new buildings in Europe in an effort to ramp up green technology use.

The plan outlines that by a new solar rooftop initiative will be introduced which will make it a legal obligation to install solar panels on new public and commercial buildings and new residential buildings. In addition, the plan also emphasises how fossil fuel consumption needs to be dramatically reduced in the transport industry and overall.  

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However, solar power expansion isn’t Europe’s only main focus. The new initiative is actually part of a bigger overall plan to quickly scale up on renewable energy across the continent, with several other frameworks being set out in order to meet 2030 renewable energy targets. The overall increase in the renewable energy push will also help to decrease prices over time.  

Some of the other initiatives include:

• A new strategy will be put in place to double solar photovoltaic capacity by 2025 and install 600GW by 2030.

• A new target of 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen production by 2030 will be set. This is set to replace natural gas, coal and oil in transport sectors, alongside other industries that are hard to decarbonise.

The EU is also planning to develop ‘major’ hydrogen corridors in the Mediterranean and North Sea, which will help to support Ukraine, Moldova, the Western Balkans and other partners.

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