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Global Renewable Energy Could Have It's Largest-Ever Annual Increase

According to the IEA, global renewable energy is set to have its largest-ever annual increase this year, increasing by a substantial 107GW of power. This will bring the total global renewable capacity to a total of 440 GW, the highest it's ever been.

Image of solar panels and wind turbines.

The IEA Executive Director made the following statement: "Solar and wind are leading the rapid expansion of the new global energy economy. This year, the world is set to add a record-breaking amount of renewables to electricity systems – more than the total power capacity of Germany and Spain combined."

Other countries such as the UK have already beaten their previous renewable energy records, alongside several other countries. The state of California even managed to run itself off 97% renewable energy for a record period of time, again showcasing the growth of renewables within the country and across the globe.

This news is very much welcome, as renewable power helps to lower the amount of fossil fuels that contribute to climate change and global warming. As a result, this may help some countries push further toward their renewable energy goals and support a cleaner world.

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