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UK Smashed Renewable Energy Records In 2022

The UK set a new renewable energy record in 2022, generating a record amount of energy from solar, biomass, hydropower and wind energy. For the first time ever, renewable power generated 40% of electricity in the UK, setting an all-time record. Another record was also set in May 2022, with 19.9GW of wind power being generated for the first time ever, marking the increasing success for renewable energy within the UK. This feat helped the UK to cut carbon emissions by 2.7 million tonnes.

Currently, the country is already pushing ahead, with plans to install 39GW of renewable energy in order to help meet their 2035 net-zero targets. However, it is not just the UK who is pushing forward with green energy installments, with China also setting records for the amount of wind power installations.

Article Credit -
National Grid UK