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Australia Is Giving Its Residents €1000 To Help Those Struggling With Inflation

Australia has introduced new measures to help struggling residents with the cost of inflation, offering them up to $1,000. Residents will receive a $500 one off payment, and up to $250 for every child. Those on lower incomes will also receive a supplementary $300, alongside the other payments. 

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Other European countries have also taken actions to try and easy the cost of living crisis for its residents. France has put a 4% cap on energy price rises for consumers, while Germany is offering a £9 monthly travel pass to use on any public bus, train and metro. 

Belgium has also confirmed a temporary cut in VAT for domestic electricity and natural gas, which is set to last until September. Households will receive a €100 energy bill rebate, which aims to help residents pay their bills.  

Australia also recently announced earlier in the year that they would be investing $1 billion to protect the Great Barrier Reef, something that is important for both humans and the wildlife that resides there.

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