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Australian State Announces $5.2 Million Funding For Electric Vehicle Transition

The Australian state Victoria has announced $5.2million funding towards an electric vehicle transition in the state, which will include the development of an electric vehicle research facility at RMIT University.

In doing so, the state hopes that they can help to bring together government, university and industry partners to help develop and bring the appropriate infrastructure needed for widespread electric vehicle usage to life. It is hoped the funding into this project will consequently help to lower greenhouse gas emissions, if implemented correctly.

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The state also hopes that the development will help to contribute towards the states net zero targets, whilst also helping to boost employment levels. An emphasis on the switch to electric vehicles will be a large contributing factor towards helping to achieve these goals.

This is an important project for the future of clean, green transport in Victoria but also for our plan to meet net zero emissions by 2050 through innovative research and the development of new technology,” Minister Tierney  of Victoria said.

The funding will reportedly focus on building a new Electric Vehicle Living Lab with EV charging stations, regenerative grid and battery simulators, as well as helping to build upon RMIT’s existing microgrid and renewable generation facilities. In addition, the state also wants to develop a fleet of net-zero public emissions buses by 2025.

On the other side of the pond in America, the US Department of Transportation and Energy announced their $5 billion dollar plan to install 500,000 EV chargers across the country.

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