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Australian Prime Minister Pledges $1bn to Protect the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has pledged an amount of $1bn to help protect the Great Barrier Reef in the coming years. The large investment will support a range of new technologies and look at introducing various programmes, including a variety of water quality projects.

In addition, $2.53 million of this will be invested into the management of reefs and conservation, helping to protect key species and prevent illegal fishing, all important factors to help eco-systems thrive. Several habitat restoration and species protection programmes will be supported, as well as reef health monitoring systems and research into reef resilience.

Image of the Great Barrier Reef.

“We are backing the health of the reef and the economic future of tourism operators, hospitality providers and Queensland communities that are at the heart of the reef economy,” Morrison said. “This is already the best managed reef in the world and today we take our commitment to a new level.”

The government claims that this is the ‘largest single investment’ into the Great Barrier Reef to help to combat climate change. By identifying several possible solutions, positive steps can now be made by the government and other organisations to protect the reef.

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