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40GW Of Solar Power Will Be Installed In Europe This Year

Europe is looking to ramp up its green energy use and reduce its reliability on Russian gas supplies, with plans to install 40GW of solar power this year in 2022. This figure of 40GW challenges the previous record of 27GW, which was last year's installation figure.  

Image of solar panels.

However, that’s not the only good news. All around the world, solar power installation is powering ahead. India is set to install a total of 20GW by the end of the year, and has already installed 8,359MW during the first half of 2022. Already, this is a 71% increase when compared to the same period the year prior. 

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In 2021, they installed a total of 12GW. Hitting their installation targets would mean the country will see a huge increase in installation figures when compared to the previous year. 

Earlier in the year solar power records were also broken in California, giving residents a reason to celebrate. During April, the state's renewable energy grid ran at 97% renewable energy, smashing the previous record of 96.4%, which was set just a week prior. 

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