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USA & UNICEF Give $500,000 In School Supplies

Partnering together, the USA, the Ministry of Education, and UNICEF have donated a total of $500,000 worth of school supplies to children who have been impacted by flooding in Ghana, which took place last year.

Image of school supplies and stationary on desk.

In an interview with UNICEF, fourteen year old Beatrice, who was affected directly by the floods, detailed the impact it’s had on education: “Learning has become difficult now since we don’t have access to our classroom and education materials.” Many schools had also been impacted and destroyed.  

As a result of the $500,000 donation, both children and teachers will now be much better off when it comes to their education, at least while recovering from the floods. Some of the items include tents to learn inside, school supplies, stationary, alongside teaching and educational materials. Earlier in 2023, UNICEF also donated educational, nutritional, and health materials to help those who needed it most. UNICEF Deputy Representative in Ghana, Fiachra McAsey made the following statement: “Through this support, we are able to work together to ensure learning continues for children affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage and other emergency conditions in Ghana.” Likewise, other companies such as Chipotle have donated $100k in school supplies to help those who need it in the U.S. Without these heartfelt donations, those in education may of otherwise struggled to get access to the materials they need to learn.

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