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Chipotle Donates $100k In School Supplies To Help Schoolchildren

To help schoolchildren and teachers who need it most, restaurant company Chipotle donated a grand total of $100,000 U.S dollars to help pay for school supplies, such as textbooks, pens, paper, books and other important school supplies. To date, the company has already raised over $58 million for schools through various fundraising programs aimed at helping those in education.

Image of school supplies on a blue background.

Their 2021 program allowed teachers and students alike to reply to this tweet with a photo of their school supplies, alongside their receipt and a #SuppliesContest. If selected, the money was then reimbursed through Venmo.

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Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer stated the following: “We wanted to lend a hand to a community that has endured so much over the past year. Chipotle is a company that’s been committed to supporting teachers and we will continue to find creative ways to show our appreciation for the professionals who are cultivating a better future for our communities.

Thanks to the program, it is likely that many teachers and students managed to save on educational expenses, allowing them to save money for other purposes. Without Chipotle, this would of not been possible.

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Kids In Need Foundation