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This Indian Company Makes Biodegradable Packaging From Crop Waste

An Indian-based company known as Dharaksha Ecosolutions hopes to slash carbon emissions and reduce plastic waste through the creation of biodegradable packaging made from crop waste that would otherwise be burned. In the month of November 2021 alone, the company prevented over 2800kg of particulate matter from entering the environment, according to the company's Instagram.

Image of crops in a field.

Some of the packaging they offer includes packaging for perfume, beauty products, jars, plant, and candle packaging, all of which are made from crop waste. The packaging biodegrades in roughly 60 days, according to Dharaksha Ecosolutions Instagram, meaning that the packaging is sustainable and can help to cut down plastic pollution. Other innovations, such as plastic-free takeaway packaging, also aim to achieve the same goal. If scaled up, packaging solutions such as these could help to cut down levels of pollution and prevent as much plastic waste being produced.

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Dharaksha Ecosolutions