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Researchers Develop Completely Plastic-Free Takeaway Packaging

Researchers from the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, teamed up with both citizens and businesses to create a plastic-free takeaway box which solved many common problems, such as food temperature and leakage.

The Lithuanian researchers used a special type of cardboard that was covered in a non-flammable material, as well as adding specially designed inserts which will allow business owners to easily adjust the size of the box. The inserts will also help to separate the necessary components of food.

Image of plastic-free packaging.

Other adaptations have been made, including the creation of a special sleeve to stop food moving around; clear instructions for recycling, alongside other key information such as how long and at what temperature the food can be heated (per consumer request). The fact that the packaging is also made out of cardboard means that it is easily recyclable and compostable, as well as being better for the planet in comparison to other plastic alternatives.

Even better, the plastic-free packaging that has been created by the Kaunas University of Technology can be recycled up to six times. If a certain processing method is used, the cardboard packaging can also withstand being heated in the oven, something which will be useful for those who like to eat their leftover takeaway from the night before.

Researchers from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom have also been working on revolutionizing the packaging space. In 2021, they had developed a material known as 'vegan spider silk', which they hope could replace single use plastics as a sustainable and plastic-free alternative.

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