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The UK Is Supporting Solar Space Projects

The UK has its sights set on supporting solar space projects, with the government announcing funding of up to £4.3 million. The large investment will help to support the development of solar projects in space and sets hope for the expansion of green, renewable energy.

Image of solar panels in space.

Just like solar panels back down on earth, the solar space devices would harvest the sun's energy from space and beam it back down using wireless technology. The green energy would then be available for use back on Earth, providing power to both people and businesses. However, one reason it's particularly advantageous to launch the devices in space is because they would have constant access to the sun, arguably making it a more reliable energy source. In addition, it would also help to create up to 143,000 more jobs.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps made the following statement: "We’re taking a giant leap by backing the development of this exciting technology and putting the UK at the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry as it prepares for launch," adding that "we can transform the way we power our nation and provide cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy for generations to come."

Projects such as these could help to make renewable energy cheaper and more accessible for everyone. For example, solar power saved Europeans €29bn in a record 2022.

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