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Spain Powers Itself Off Renewable Energy For Record Time

According to El Pais, Spain has reached a new milestone, with the country running off solely renewable energy for a grand total of nine hours. This new record marks the progress of renewable energy within the country, such as solar and wind. Wind makes up a large majority of the country's renewable energy sources, and provided roughly 23% of power in 2021, according to Invest In Spain.

Image of solar, wind and hydro energy.

This milestone is certainly an encouraging sign that countries around the world are pushing to use more and more renewable energy, which will help to lower carbon emissions. For example, the UK smashed its renewable energy records in 2022, alongside Greece, who also set records in the same year. Some countries are even helping eachother, with plans to trade green energy via an undersea cable. This will help countries to more easily meet their energy needs in an eco-friendly way, rather than resorting to fossil fuel.

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