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Protecting Our Planet Challenge Investing $200 Million To Help Protect Brazil's Protected Areas

On the 26th June 2023, both the Brazillian Government and the Protecting Our Planet Challenge announced their plans to invest $200 million to help support and protect indigenous and protected areas in Brazil. The Global Environment Facility also plans to invest another $90 million, alongside bilateral donors who plan to give around $840 million toward the cause. The president has previously cracked down on raids of the Amazon rainforest, and seems set on making vast improvements. So, what will the latest investments be going towards?

These generous investments will contribute toward several different areas, including reducing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and combating illegal activities on protected and indigenous lands. Managements and protections of these areas will be expanded where possible, with improved management and safeguarding put in place.

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Likewise, there will also be investments into combating forest fires, including technology and communication systems. It is hoped that these efforts will help to support the country's zero-deforestation efforts.

Marina Silva, Brazil's minister of environment and climate change stated: "The climate and environmental agenda are a priority for the Brazilian government, Brazil is working to create a cycle of prosperity with democracy, fighting inequality, and sustainability. In six months of government, we already have results related to our main goals, such as zero deforestation by 2030 and the end of illegal mining on Indigenous lands. Partnerships and support are fundamental for the advancement of environmental policies and the protection of traditional peoples and communities.”

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