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Brazil Is Taking More Measures To Prevent Deforestation Of The Amazon Rainforest

Efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest have been ramping up recently, with Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ordering raids to help prevent illegal deforestation. So far, raids have taken place in the states of Para, Roraima, and Acre, with an aim to stop farmers and loggers in their tracks, thus helping the rainforest to recover.

Image of illegal mining in the Amazon rainforest.

Going forward, it seems as though the new president wants to continue such measures, with promises to end destruction under his leadership. His pledges to end the destruction have been met with much positive feedback, with one commentator on Twitter stating: "Overjoyed to see Lula launch his first anti-deforestation raid to protect the Amazon rainforest," with another Twitter user commenting: "This is great to see!". Alongside these measures, Lula has also pledged to raise levels of protection in indigenous areas, helping to protect local communities.

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Just last year, Facebook also announced that they would be taking measures to clamp down on illegal sales of ecological conservation areas inside the forest. Alongside measures being taken by the new president of Brazil, these efforts could work hand in hand together.

Overall, these measures are certainly encouraging, and have received swathes of support from both the public and environmentalists across the globe. Now, the public and eagerly waiting to see what the president has in store next.

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