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Man Donates $1000 To A Newspaper Worker & To Help Feed The Hungry

A simple act of kindness can go a long way, one user who goes @mdmotivator on TikTok has shown. In his video, he approaches a newspaper man asking him "how much for a paper?" The worker then explains that you can donate as much as you like, that "it's a donation to help feel the hungry." After conversing back and forth for a short while, the man decides to give the man, who goes by the name Danny, $500 toward the charity. However, his acts of kindness don't end there.

In addition to his first donation, he then gives $500 to Danny personally, who appears extremely happy and grateful for the monetary gift. The two then exchange a loving hug before parting ways. Although momentarily strangers, this video goes to show that a small act of kindness can go an incredibly long way in making someone's day a lot better. Another great example of an act of kindness is an individual who paid for a drive-thru worker's new car, which was life-changing for the individual on the receiving end.

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