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Girl Gives Drive-Thru Worker $1,000 To Buy His First Car

One young woman has been putting a smile on people's faces going through drive-thrus, driving through only to return with a surprise for the workers. In a YouTube short posted by @charlierocketofficial, the young woman asks one of the young drive-thru workers what his dream is, alongside something he's struggling with. In response, he says his dream is to get a car and detailing that he's been struggling with depression. Once she finds out how much the car will cost him, she leaves the drive-thru in search of some special gifts.

Upon her return, the young woman gifts the drive-thru worker $1,000 for his car in a special box containing a very cute toy car, alongside some stunning red flowers. The sweet surprise brings the young man to tears, clearly being moved by the actions of the kind young woman as he thanked her. This goes to show how one little act of kindness can go so far and change someone's day for the better.

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