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Local ‘Ring Finder’ Helps Distraught Woman Locate Lost $12,500 Savings That She Buried In A Jar

To date, The Ring Finders members have located and returned almost 10,000 lost rings. All of the rings combined have a total value exceeding over $12 million dollars - an incredible amount.

Image of the lost treasure. Image Credits: Chris Turner

The Ring Finders directory was founded by Chris Turner, who has since located and retrieved over 600 rings himself after founding the global directory in 2009. His personal motivation? He loves to make people happy. He also often details how he ‘loves to see the smile on people’s faces’ after they have received their lost item. However, while Chris loves to hunt down and locate lost rings, his latest conquest turned out to be a little different than usual. 

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Earlier this year in March, Chris received an intriguing phone call. The woman in question wished for her grandfather's ashes to be located. The catch? She had buried them in her garden over a year ago, and had since forgotten where the exact location was. Despite the unusual request, an enthused Chris drove for two hours to her location. 

He began his fifteen minute search outside, before the woman headed back inside to do something. Amazingly, he managed to locate the ‘ashes’ just one minute after she left. Like many of his clients, the woman gave Chris a look of ‘disbelief, pure joy, and excitement’. However, in a twist of events, the woman unearthed a jar full of cash, totaling a staggering amount of $12,500 dollars. 

She went on to explain how nervous she was when she first heard that the banks were closing down when the pandemic began, and had rushed to protect her savings. However, when she went to dig it back up, she could not locate the jar full of money, which she describes ‘drove her crazy’. Now, after a year of searching, she could finally go back and put her money in the bank where it belonged.         

As usual, Chris was delighted that he could help out and was pleased to see yet another happy client. On his website, he details his love for his job, describing it as “the greatest job I’ve ever had…I get to make people smile!”. 

While he didn't find a lost ring this time, this lost treasure certainly made for an interesting trip. Now, Chris can add this jar of savings to his ever-growing list of precious lost and found items.

Article Credit -
The Ring Finders