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84 Year Old Mexican Grandfather Achieves His Dream of Becoming an Engineer

An 84 year old former farmer, soldier, and shopkeeper from Puebla Mexico, is about to graduate from an engineering and industrial management program at the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP). Despite the university being one of the most prestigious and competitive in Puebla, Felipe Espinosa Tecuapetla easily managed to pass the entrance exams when he enrolled at age 79.

His journey has been challenging, however he never gave up on his lifelong dream of getting his engineering degree. Apart from continuing working at the local market selling vegetables, he wakes up everyday at 4:30am to catch two buses to make it in time for class.

Image Credits: PUAB University.

Felipe does state that his main challenge was to afford a laptop and learn how to use it, since he had never had one before; yet, he was determined to achieve his dream. Eventually he managed to buy one, and taught himself how to use it.

In addition to achieving his dream, Felipe wanted to prove to the world that age has nothing to do with learning and that it’s all about mastering one’s mind. To further prove his point and go beyond his dreams, he is now planning on continuing his education and getting a masters degree.

Article Credit -
BUAP University