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Ireland Smashes Previous Wind Power Records

Thanks to high winds, Ireland has smashed their previous power wind record, according to their wind energy report for August 2023. As a result of the higher amounts of wind, the country managed to meet a total of 33% of its electricity demands. In the same month, this increase also allowed for the wholesale price of electricity to dramatically decrease, which benefits consumers and the general public. Why? Because they won’t have to spend as much of their income on energy, meaning they can use the disposable income elsewhere.

In a public statement, the CEO of Wind Energy Ireland stated: “Our members provided 33 per cent of Ireland’s electricity in August and the amount of wind generated was up by 71 per cent when compared to the same month last year. That is Irish generators producing power without burning imported fossil fuels, which means we can cut our carbon emissions at the same time as we cut our fuel imports.” However, Ireland isn’t the only country to surpass previous renewable energy milestones. 

Earlier in 2022, Greece set a new renewable energy record too, alongside California, and China in 2021. However, these are only a few examples. All around the world, countries are breaking energy records, with many hoping to meet their 2030 targets.

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Wind Energy Ireland