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How This Organisation is Helping to Improve Education in Africa

Asante African Foundation is helping the African youth turn challenges into opportunities, by providing support and funding to help provide greater access to education to those who are struggling.

Image Credits: Asante Africa Foundation YouTube

The organisation offers access to several programmes, designed to ensure the following:

• Ensure quality education through training teachers and providing digital, low-cost resources.

• Providing scholarships to gifted students, giving them greater chances of success.

• Training in leadership, entrepreneurship and job readiness training.

• Empower girls with health and hygiene knowledge, finance, business and social skills.

To implement these programmes, the organisation partners with local schools and communities in East Africa to provide them with the educational resources they need, helping them to build life skills and the confidence they need to succeed outside the classroom.

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Since 2007, the organisation has helped over 700,001 people through its educational programmes and support, and in 2020 alone, over 112,000. They also have 169 active schools located in East Africa, as of 2020.  

In particular, one young girl named Teddy from Uganda, who sadly lost both of her parents, was only able to continue her education after the support of the organisation, as she was previously struggling to fund it by herself. Receiving the life-changing scholarship has meant she can continue her education and will go on to make her parents proud, by using the skills she has learned and developed through the ongoing support of Asante African Foundation. Her favourite subjects are biology and mathematics, with aspirations of becoming a doctor in the future. This is just one of the many students that the organisation has helped through their work.

“Thank you Asante Africa Foundation for making my education journey clear.” – Teddy.

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By 2025, the organisation aims to empower over 1,600,000 young people in rural East Africa through their programmes, to help support them and create a brighter future for those who may of not otherwise had one.

Article Credit -
Asante African Foundation