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‘Loneliest Elephant’ Now Thriving in Cambodian Jungle a Year After Rescue

Over the last year, animal welfare organization Four Paws has helped to rescue and rehabilitate the world's loneliest elephant, after he spent years in isolation.

The elephant, fondly named Kaavan, had been isolated at Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan after his other fellow companion passed away, after 22 years of partnership together. Since the loss of his fellow companion, Kaavan displayed signs of stress and aggression and caretakers struggled to keep him under control. Isolated in poor conditions, Kaavan spent his next years becoming increasingly lonely. However, little did he know that help would soon be on the way.

Image of Kaavan the elephant being rescued. © FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev.

A student from a local Pakistani school heard about the lonely elephant, kicking off the launch of the rescue mission. Gathering momentum, Free The Wild, a charity aimed at putting an end to animal trafficking, joined the rescue mission by campaigning to help put an end to Kaavan’s suffering. Later down the line in 2020, FOUR PAWS animal welfare organisation were then asked to step in, after a decision from the Islamabad High Court, which would see that the animals were relocated to somewhere more suitable with better conditions. This would be in collaboration with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, notable pop icon, Cher, and other national authorities.

Infographic displaying details of Kaavan's rescue journey. © FOUR PAWS

Finally, after eight years alone, Kaavan was rescued from impending isolation on the 30th November. He was loaded into a specially made crate, which weighed 4.35 tons in total, where he was then flown to safety. He is now situated at his new home at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary, where he was welcomed with a juicy fruitcake and a banana tree leaves trail, which were made especially for him. In addition to receiving a warm welcome to his new home, Kaavan has been interacting with other elephants again, after eight long years. This marks the start of a new beginning for the worlds ‘loneliest elephant’, as he ventures further into his new life.

Image of Kaavan finally interacting with another elephant after eight years of isolation. © Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Article Credit -
Four Paws