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Japan’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Have Fallen To A Record Low

Greenhouse gas emissions in Japan have decreased year on year since 2013, falling by 5.1% in 2021 to a record low.

Since 2013 this is an 18.4% decrease, pushing Japan further towards meeting its targets for net-zero and building upon its renewable energy strategy. Increasing usage of renewable energy has contributed towards Japan’s success in managing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with 20.8% of the country’s energy coming from renewables in 2020, an increase from the previous year.

By 2030 the country aims to ensure that renewables cover 24% of its electricity needs. Some of the renewable energy sources that Japan utilises include geothermal, hydropower, wind and solar energy, as well as biomass.

China also broke their renewable energy records during 2020, setting a new record for wind power capacity. From the previous year they managed to double their annual installations, with new wind power capacity reaching 52GW.    

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