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Five Lions Rescued By IFAW Are Now Safe

Five lions have been rescued from Ukraine in a team effort by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and Wild Animal Rescue, and are now residing safely in Poland at Poznań Zoo. Among those rescued was Asya and her three cubs Teddi, Santa, and Emi, alongside a male lion named Akeru. However, there were more than twelve big cats were rescued in total. Now, they are in a safe environment where they are protected and cared for appropriately.

Image of a lion.

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"I am relieved these lions now have a better life ahead. Whenever we welcome new animals from Ukraine here—it is an emotional time." said Natalia Popova from Wild Animal Rescue. Alongside rescuing lions, IFAW has also helped to take care of animals affected by the dam flooding earlier in the year. This also included sending support and supplies, such as pet food and vaccines to those impacted.

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