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AirTag Helps To Rescue Dog Struggling In Waters

While Apple AirTags have received plenty of coverage in the past due to some peculiar usage habits, the tag has also been used for much good. In this latest instance, it has certainly proved useful. As reported by ABC7 News, an AirTag recently helped to save a drowning dog that was struggling in floodwaters, leading him to get trapped down a drain. Thankfully, the AirTag helped to locate the struggling pooch, who was then rescued by the local fire department once his owners had located him. Of course, the owners were incredibly relieved that their beloved pooch was safe and sound.

Image of the rescued dog reunited with rescue crew and owner. Image Credits: San Bernardino County Fire Crew Facebook.

On an even more positive note, the fire crew reported that the dog seemed to be in good health, and didn't appear to be injured. Of course, his quick rescue is all thanks to the AirTag that his owners had equipped him with, which helped everyone involved bring him to safety.

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