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Divers Rescue Whale Trapped in Illegal Fishing Net

Spanish divers recently rescued an innocent humpback whale that got trapped in an illegal fishing net, just off eastern coast of Mallorca. Unfortunately, the whale had come so tangled in the nets that it couldn’t even open its mouth.

Although the fishing net had weakened the whale, the nervous creature eventually relaxed. The rescue divers got to work, and managed to free the whale from the fishing nets in an impressive time of 45 minutes.

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In the video below posted by NBC news, marine biologist explains how much of incredible moment it was.

“It was actually my birthday on Friday when we found the whale, so it was the best birthday present ever. Sad but also incredible” 

In a sweet gesture, the whale appeared to give a small wave of appreciation before swimming off into the depths of the ocean.   

Article Credit -
Indian Express