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Seal’s Life Saved From Dangerous Injury Caused By Plastic Bin Bag

The RSPCA, otherwise known as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK, recently saved a seal from a potentially very serious injury obtained from a plastic bin bag. The seal, affectionately called ‘Gnocchi’ is one of last years grey pups. Last month he was rescued from Walton-On-The-Naze by rescuers from the BDMLR (the British Divers Marine Life Rescue) who took the seal to the RSPCA wildlife centre located in Norfolk. When Gnocchi the seal arrived at the centre the vets were unsure as to what was causing such an injury around his neck, however they quickly discovered the source of the problem - a plastic bin bag. Alison Charles centre manager highlighted her frustrations, saying:

"My heart actually sank when I realised this poor seal was suffering as a result of someone's discarded litter” then continuing to say “it could have easily been avoided if people disposed of their litter properly.”

Image Credit: RSPCA.org

Working quickly the vets gave him pain relief and antibiotics and removed the restriction trapped around the seal’s neck. Thankfully Gnocchi is now working towards making a full recovery in safe hands!    

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