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City of Mumbai Vaccinates 100% of Adult Population Against Covid-19

The city of Mumbai in India has successfully vaccinated 100% of its adult population, becoming the first major city to achieve such a feat.

Officials proudly announced the news at the beginning of April, with commissioner Suresh Kakani making the following statement:

“It is really a proud moment for us. Initially, we experienced lukewarm responses (to vaccination) but gradually, it peaked up. Now, we have over 350 vaccination centres where we have also roped in retired nurses for vaccination.”

According to the Indian Express, the state of Maharashtra has the highest vaccination coverage among all 36 districts, with other states looking to hopefully follow in their footsteps.

Gibraltar and Cuba are two other countries who also have high vaccination rates, with Chile and Malta following closely behind. Gibraltar has administered on average (as of April 2022) 352 doses per 100 people, one of the highest vaccination rates of any country worldwide.

Other areas of medicine have also made progress in India, with the Indian Science Institute recently developing an insulin that can be kept without refrigeration.  

Article Credit -
Indian Express