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Indian Science Institute Develops Insulin That Can Be Kept Without Refrigeration

A team of Indian Scientists from the Bose Institute and the Indian Insinuate of Chemical Biology have developed a type of insulin which can be kept without refrigeration, known as being ‘thermostable’. This is good news for those who are diabetic, as it means people with the condition can now freely carry insulin around with them, whenever they please, something which was considered ‘impossible’ before due to its refrigeration requirements.

In order to create this new type of insulin, the researchers introduced four new amino acid peptide molecules inside the insulin molecules. This prevented the solidification of the insulin, even when it was not refrigerated. As well as no longer having to be refrigerated, researchers also claim that the new insulin will have a higher temperature threshold. Currently the ideal temperature for insulin is 4 degrees celcius, however the new variety is said to withhold to up to 65 degrees celcius, which will give a lot more flexibility to users, as they will be able to transport it for further distances or to certain locations without worrying.

“You will be able to keep it outside the refrigerator as long as you want, something that will help diabetes patients across the world because carrying insulin along with them was considered impossible all this while” - said Subhrangsu Chatterjee, a faculty member at Bose Institute.

Article Credit -
Times Of India