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Celebrities Donate Their Clothes To Support Homeless Cats

Several celebrities from the UK have donated the clothes off their own back in support of homeless cats this winter, as part of a campaign to show how easy it is to create a safe space for cats, as well as to raise money towards food, blankets and care for the cats in their care.

Across the UK, celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Deborah Meaden, Jo Brand, Kim-Joy, McFly and Bob Mortimer got involved, donating several of their own clothing items, many of which were related to the theme of their jobs. For example, Great British Bake-Off star Kim-Joy donated her very own food-themed shirts that she uses for 'getting messy' in the kitchen. Even YouTuber's Harvey and Max got involved, with the two being best known as a pop duo.

Image of Bob Mortimer's donations.

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“We all know cats need a cosy hiding spot, so I love how easy it is to make one for them out of items we all have at home,” said Holly Willoughby, a well known TV presenter.

As part of the campaign, followers of the Cats Protection charity will get a chance to win a celebrity t-shirt to create their own cat bed with. The remaining t-shirts that were donated will be used across different adoption centers from around the UK.

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