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Canadian Animal Charity Opens New Recovery And Adoption Barn For Abused Farm Animals

A Canadian animal charity known as the BC SPCA has opened a new facility known as to care for abused and neglected farm animals, which will serve all of Vancouver Island. The new facility, known as ‘Seasted Stables’ includes a 2,500 square-foot barn with four stalls (each with a paddock), an exercise space, treatment area, storage room and pasture.

Much of this has been funded by the Seasted Foundation, with funding both towards the barn and the paddocks as well as towards the first year of operation, with hope to help provide aid for as many animals as possible.

Image Credit: BC SPCA
“The Vancouver Island cruelty investigations team is really looking forward to having a dedicated BC SPCA facility for horses and other farm animals from our cases,” says Kaley Pugh, regional manager of cruelty investigations. “It will be a huge relief for our officers to know that when there’s an animal in distress, we’ll have somewhere safe to take them for care and recovery.”

 The new facility will be warmly welcomed in the area and will certainly be of great use for the community. Last year alone the BC SPCA investigated over 1,342 cases involving farm animals in the area, with 217 specifically on Vancouver Island. In addition to this facility, there are also 44 other locations across the province of British Columbia supporting domestic, farm and wild animals, including a recovery and adoption barn in Kelowna. Across all the facilities, an incredible number of 97,109 animals are assisted year on year, which is certainly an admirable achievement.

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