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Carlsburg Tests New Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Bottle

Multinational brewing company Carlsburg, best known for their selection of beers, has developed a new line of recyclable beer bottles that are both bio-based and eco-friendly. The new bottles have been put on one of the company’s largest trials yet to see if the new product can be successful.

Image Credits: Carlsberg Group

In total, 8,000 fibre bottles are being samples in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Germany and Poland.

The new Carlsburg bottle will be made with a plant-based PEF polymer lining, a material that is made from entirely natural raw materials. The material will allow the bottle to degrade in nature, a particularly important aspect when you consider how many bottles are carelessly thrown into the wilderness on a regular basis.

To make things even more eco-friendly, the outer shell of the new bottle has been made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre, as well as being bio-based. However, there are also other benefits which will impact the consumer directly.

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The shell has insulative properties. This may help to keep beer colder for longer when compared to glass bottles or cans, both of which of traditionally used at this moment in time. The use of PEF may also help to protect the taste and fizziness of the drink. This is because it acts as a ‘highly-effective barrier’ between the beer and the fibre of the outer shell.

Next in the pipeline is alternative fibre-based bottle caps, which the team hope to replace the traditional caps with. These could be released as a generic solution as early as 2023.

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