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Artificial Pancreas Successfully Trialed For Diabetes Patients

Current treatments for type 2 diabetes include lifestyle, exercise and diet changes, alongside medication such as insulin injections. Despite this, some patients still struggle to manage their blood sugar levels.

Image Credits: University of Cambridge

However, a new artificial pancreas that has been trailed by scientists at Cambridge University could change all of that. The trial tested the artificial pancreas on 26 patients in two different settings. Encouragingly, the results of the trial were incredibly successful, and showed that the artificial pancreas helped to double the amount of time patients were in the target range for glucose when compared to standard treatments. The device also helped to half the amount of time spent experiencing high blood-sugar levels.  

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The device works by helping to automatically manage patients glucose levels through the use of an off-the-shelf glucose monitor, insulin pump and an specially designed app. The app uses an algorithm to maintain the correct glucose levels for each patient. This is particularly advantageous when compared to current methods, with patients reporting that they spent less time managing their diabetes.

Other benefits that many of the trial participants highlighted included that there was no need for finger-prick testing, as well as increased confidence in managing blood glucose levels being reported.

Already, the researchers have submitted the artificial pancreas device for regulatory approval. This means that type 2 diabetes patients could soon be able to use the device to treat themselves in the near future.

Article Credit -
Cambridge University