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Arizona University Is Offering Free Tuition To Its Native Students

Arizona University recently made an exciting announcement - their Native American undergraduate students will no longer have to pay tuition fees at its main campus in Tucson. The program is set to be available to any students that reside in the state’s federally recognized ‘22 tribes’. 

Image of University Students sat outside.

"I am so proud that that this university has found a way to help hundreds of students more easily access and complete a college education, and I look forward to finding ways to take these efforts even further." said the university’s president, Robert C. Robbins. 

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Last year, 400 students enrolled for the program after providing one of the several forms of ‘tribal identification’. This includes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which must be completed and approved before they enroll.

It is hoped that this offering will help to remove some of the entry barriers for native students and help them to succeed in their chosen path. Other universities, such as Metro State University in Denver, have also started offering free tuition for its native students.

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Arizona State University