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Abandoned Airport Will Be Transformed Into Green Space In Greece

An old abandoned airport in Athens, Greece, is currently undergoing an incredible transformation to become a thriving, coastal green space that can be enjoyed by both the public and wildlife. This new development should help to give Athens green space a boost and increase it by an estimated 44%.

Image render of the coastal park. IMAGE CREDITS: SASAKI

Of course, this 600-acre coastal park will provide many benefits to the public. First, it will provide plenty of shade during hot months, and may even help to improve people’s mental health. Alongside this, wildlife and nature will also benefit, with the coastal park is also taking some serious measures to focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly.

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The park will be incorporating over 86 species of trees and developing a zero-waste water management system. The system should help to prevent flooding and restore the surrounding habitat. Likewise, the species have been specially selected to provide food and habitat to a variety of wildlife all year round.

In terms of what will be on offer to the public, a new beach will be built, alongside over 50km of cycling and walking paths. This will allow plenty of residents and visitors to enjoy the coastal park to its full potential. What’s more, all the measures the park has put in place should help the magnificent green space be carbon neutral within 35 years.

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