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Walmart Increases Their Minimum Wage To Pay Employees More

On January 24th 2023 Walmart, a well-known American supermarket chain, announced that they are increasing the minimum wage for their employees, taking their hourly pay up to $17.50 per hour. The change has taken immediate effect, and employees will receive their increase in pay as early as March.

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However, it is not just their hourly workers who are receiving a pay rise. Other employees from the company will also be receiving an annual boost to their salaries, including roles such as ACC team lead positions and ACC tech positions. In addition, they will also be offering truck drivers up to $110,000 per year through their "Associate-to-Driver Program." This program is open to everyone, including their own in-store employees. Rather than just increases for specific roles, pay appears to be increasing across the board — which is certainly bright news for Walmart employees! 

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