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UK To Be First Country To Require New Homes To Have Built-In EV Chargers

The UK is planning to bring in a new law as part of its lager decarbonisation plan, which if passed will require all new homes and office building constructions to include EV (electric vehicle) chargers. It is hoped that this will encourage more drivers to make the transition towards electric vehicles and achieve netzero emissions by 2050.

“We will publish our consultation response on requiring all new residential and non-residential buildings to havea charge point, and we intend to lay legislation later this year,” said the Department for Transport Minister Rachel Maclean.

The new law, which is expected to come into force in 2022, will require homes and office buildings to feature “smart” charging stations that can charge EVs during off-peak hours, and to have an EV charger installed for every five parking spaces.

Over 150,000 EV charging points will be installed across homes, public streets and motorways by the middle of the decade, a sharp increase from the current 3,600. Shell have also committed to installing another 50,000 by 2025. For many in the UK this will come as a great convenience, as many UK homes don’t have off-street parking or garages as seen in the US. This will make switching to an electric car a lot more accessible.

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