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This Robot Chef Could Create Your Favorite Meal

The robot chef who can taste as it goes could now potentially create your favorite meal. While the robot has only learned to create salads for now, there could be potential for the robot to be able to deliver a wider variety of recipes in the future.

Image of the robot chef in action. Image Credits: Cambridge University YouTube

Researchers from Cambridge University achieved the incredible feat by showing the robot a video of a human creating a recipe, programming it to identify a range of objects and foods to carry out the recipe itself. After analyzing each frame of the video, the robot converted them into vectors. It then compared the differences between the demonstration and the vector to identify any similarities between the two. It's this technology that helps the robot to be able to make the recipes on its own. While work on the robot is continuing, it still managed to identify the correct recipe 93% of the time and successfully detect any variations in the recipes it was given.

“It’s amazing how much nuance the robot was able to detect. These recipes aren’t complex – they’re essentially chopped fruits and vegetables, but it was really effective at recognising, for example, that two chopped apples and two chopped carrots is the same recipe as three chopped apples and three chopped carrots,” said Grzegorz Sochacki from Cambridge’s Department of Engineering.

However, this chef robot isn't the only new robot on the block. Other robots around the world are being created to help with daily tasks, such as robot hoovers and even BB the beach cleaning robot.

Article Credit -
Cambridge University