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This Machine Grows New Skin for Burn Patients

Image Credits: ©CSEM

After 15 years of research, a Swiss clinical stage life-sciences company has created a machine that grows new skin for burn patients. The new skin transplantation method offers great potential for those suffering with burns and traumas, chronic ulcers and other skin problems.

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Current standards of care to treat burns often result in painful scars, which may leave the patient impaired in terms mobility and skin growth, and often require several follow-up surgeries. In addition, there is often not enough graft treatment available in sufficient quantities. However, their new skin, named denovoSkin™ solves this problem, as well as having the ability to be produced in large quantities by a specialised machine.

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First, a small biopsy of healthy skin is harvested from the patient. The biopsy is then processed to isolate epidermal and dermal cells, which are then expanded in vitro and used in combination with hydrogel. This combination results in the creation of a new dermo-epidermal skin graft.


This new solution offers many benefits over current traditional methods, including:

• Solves the current shortage issues.

• Because of its dermo-epidermal structure, the new skin produces minimal scarring after plantation.

• It could reduce the amount of further corrective interventions.

• Decrease in production costs and time.

• Covers a larger area with minimal scarring.

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