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These Einride Self-Driving Trucks Could Help Reduce CO2 Emissions

Self-driving trucks developed by Swedish transport company Einride are already helping to de-carbonize the transportation industry, with fleets of electric trucks already being utilized by companies such as GE Appliances and A.P. Moller-Maersk, alongside a host of other companies. According to Einride, their self-driving trucks will help to reduce CO2 emissions by "up to 90% at the source," which may help to improve air pollution if deployed on a large enough scale.

Image of a self-driving electric truck. Image Credits: Einride.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the amount of completed shipments has increased to 99% from 30% thanks to Einride's self-driving electric trucks. This means that more people and companies are receiving their shipments compared to before as well as on time.

So far, companies from the UK, Germany, America, and Sweden, alongside other countries, have adopted fleets of vehicles to lower their emissions. One Swedish food company, known as Oatly, has even managed to decrease their carbon emissions by 87% on some routes with a fleet of vehicles from Einride. This is just one of many great examples of how self-driving trucks are managing to reduce carbon emissions across the industry. Not only that, but electric vehicle use is also soaring in the U.S.

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