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The UK Is Turning Bus Stops Into Bee Stops

Leicester city has exciting plans to transform bus stops in the city into 'buzz stops', an inviting incentive which is hoped will help bees to thrive. The plans are part of a programme created by the Leicester City Council and a company known as Clear Channel, based in the UK.

Image of a 'buzz stop' in Leicester city center. Image Credits: Clear Channel

The plans will see 30 bus stops around the city transformed, using a mix of wildflowers and Sedum plants. These plants are often used to attract pollinating insects, such as bees. It is hoped that the use of both the wildflowers and the Sedum plants will help to attract more bees into the city and help to support population numbers in response to recent declines. Other benefits may include increased absorption of rainwater, which could help to prevent flooding, alongside a potential increase in biodiversity.

It is planned that the 'buzz stops' will be completed by the summer of 2022, as part of the ten year contract between Leicester city council and Clear Channel, who have invested millions into overhauling at least 478 bus shelter in the city. Each bus shelter will be upgraded to an environmentally friendly alternative, using either the 'living roofs' filled with plants, or alternatively, using solar panels to generate green energy. This will come at no cost to the city council.

Leicester Deputy City Mayor Cllr Adam Clarke showed his enthusiasm towards the upcoming project, stating: “It’s great to see the first of Leicester’s new living roof bus shelters appearing across the city. We’ve already had some fantastic feedback from people who are as excited as we are to see this bee and butterfly friendly revamp of bus shelters taking shape."

Article Credit -
Clear Chanel