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The U.S. Has Saved 227 Species From Extinction

According to The Environmental Magazine, the U.S. has saved an estimated 227 species from extinction through the implementation of its very own Endangered Species Act. The act was first introduced in 1973 and aims to protect different species of plants and wildlife from extinction. Some of the 227 species saved include peregrine falcons, the Mallorcan midwife toads, the Island night lizard, fisher's estuarine moths, and sea otters. However, the complete list is much longer.

Image of a sea otter.

In addition to the U.S., other endangered species from across the globe have made a comeback thanks to conservation efforts from passionate organizations. For example, endangered Sumatran Slow Lorises were released into the wild in 2021 alongside endangered seabirds in the UK. These are just two of many encouraging events for endangered animals.

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