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The Tractor App That Is Helping African Farmers Earn More Money

A new app ‘Hello Tractor’, founded by Jehiel Oliver, is offering the chance for all farmers across Africa to grow more food and earn more money, by allowing farmers to rent tractors on demand.

The app works by connecting tractor owners with farmers who need their services. Farmers are then charged a fee based on several factors, for example how long they are using the tractor for and what kind of work it’ll be doing.

“Over 80% of our customers live below the poverty line and nearly all of them express increased income as well as higher yields. On average it’s about 40 times faster than manual labour and our services come in at about one third of the cost of manual labour.” Hello Tractor founder and CEO Jehiel Oliver told Reuters.

Benefits within the app include monitoring of tractor fuel consumption, planned maintenance as well as allowing owners to see who is driving the vehicle. All these tools come in particularity handy for farmers when managing day-to-day tasks and allows them to run their businesses more efficiently.

Image Of Farmers Tending Crops In Africa


Only three years ago, Hello Tractor signed a deal to manage a fleet of 10,000 tractors which were to be supplied to Nigeria. These tractors will help to:

  • Bring nine million hectares of land into production and help to produce an extra 37 million tonnes of food.  
  • Create two million new jobs.
  • Help African Farmers earn more money.
  • Bring in a higher yield.

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