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The Red Squirrel Population May Be Increasing In Scotland

A recent survey completed by Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels indicates that red squirrel numbers may be on the rise in Scotland. Over the last four years, the organization has gathered vital information on red squirrel sightings. Each year, they have conducted a survey to take a look at red squirrel sightings in the country. However, this year, their latest findings seemed to be encouraging. So, what do the latest numbers look like?

Image of a red squirrel on a tree branch.

Taking data from the latest survey, the organization reported that public sightings of red squirrels had tripled compared to numbers that are seen during a 'typical week'. This time, 510 red squirrels were spotted by the general public, a figure that is considerably higher than what would normally be expected. In addition, the organization also found that the number of grey squirrels in Aberdeen had "significantly decreased", allowing for red squirrels to thrive. The data was taken from a total of 659 people. These figures suggest that both protection and conservation efforts for the red squirrel species are working — an encouraging sign for both everyone at the organization and the squirrels.

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Scottish Squirrels