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This Edible Coffee Cup Could Be A Game-Changer For Sustainability

Founded in 2018, innovative distribution company BioBite has crafted a quirky solution to solve the ever growing issue of coffee cup waste. Each year over 2.5 billion coffee cups are being used, with the majority not being recycled, ending up in landfill where they can produce harmful methane gases.    

This is where BioBite comes in, offering a sustainable solution with their new edible coffee cup. The cup is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, desserts, puddings, soups, yoghurts and ice-creams. The recyclable paper label ensures safe handling of the cup and keeps the wafer away from the surface it is placed on, therefore there is no need to worry about contamination.

Image: BioBite's edible coffee cups containing a hot beverage. (Credit BioBite)

As well as being sustainable, there are several other perks that come with the coffee cup. The new edible cup is said to be ‘leak-proof’ for up to an astounding 12 hours once filled with a hot drink, as well as being 100% vegan and made from all natural ingredients. However if you don’t feel like consuming your wafer treat, there is a swathe of other recycling options, with over 7.5 billion stations being available to dispose of your cup.

The company hopes their solution can help contribute towards the ‘zero-waste’ movement and provide a viable, affordable and environmentally friendly solution for both customers and businesses around the world, decreasing the number of waste humans produce on a daily basis.

Already, the company is looking to expand their product portfolio into other areas. Soon they are planning to introduce edible straws, compostable cutlery, plates, bowls and many more items, adding to their fleet of sustainable products. They hope the introduction of these new products will help accelerate progress towards their long-term vision, which is to replace single-use plastics and papers with more sustainable options.

Image: BioBite cups containing an assortment of fillings such as ice cream and hot drinks. (Credit BioBite)

Currently, popular football club Manchester City is trialling the highly anticipated edible cups. Other businesses have also expressed their admiration and excitement for the product online, with one customer writing:

“These edible cups make smiles on the faces of my customers. Many of them appreciate this eco-friendly choice, especially in unprecedented times such as these.” then continuing to add “This is a good way to use disposable cups without the need to worry about the carbon footprint.”

If the initial roll-out is successful, this could prove to be an exciting new solution for one of the world’s most sizeable problems. So far the company has clients based in several countries such as the UK, Slovakia, Italy, Austria and France, with plans for future expansion close on the horizon. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these sustainable goodies, you can find them on their website where you can order them for individual use, with wholesale stock also available for businesses.

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