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Tel Aviv University Pays For Ukrainian Refugees Tuition and Living Expenses

Tel Aviv University, Israel, has launched an emergency scholarship program to help young Ukranian refugees continue their education, as well as provide them with shelter and somewhere to stay. Fundraising efforts have also been pushed forward to help provide even more support to Ukranian students in such a great time of need. 

Image of Maryana Sytar with Prof. Ronen Avraham from Tel Aviv University. Image Credits: Tel Aviv University.

Already, they have welcomed Maryana Sytar, who was forced to leave her home due to the ongoing war. The University ensured that she arrived safely at the campus, where she will continue to spend the next semester working hard towards her PhD that she was previously pursuing at Ukraine’s Koretsky Institute of State and Law.  

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Plenty of other students are set to follow after applying to the scholarship program, meaning they too will be able to continue their education with peace of mind. The University will also pay for students tuition and living expenses.

Texas A&M University also announced earlier in 2022 that they would be paying up to $25,000 dollars for fees, tuition fees and living expenses for any Ukranian students. The chancellor stated that he ‘wanted to do whatever it takes to make sure that Ukranian students are able to stay in school’.

Article Credit -
Tel Aviv University